The Zenit-E

Is a 35mm film camera from the USSR.

The Zenit-E is an analogue mirror reflex camera which was manufactured from 1965-1981 in the Soviet Union. To be pricise it was manufactured by KMZ in the town of Krasnogorsk near Moscow since 1952 and also by BelOMO in Belarus since the 1970s. Unfortunately technical it could not keep up with the then produced German and Japanese cameras.
The camera was made almost entirely of metal and offers the following features.

Film format: 35mm
Shutter speeds: B, 1/30 (X), 1/60, 1/125, 1/250, 1/500
Self-timer: Yes
Light meter: Yes
Bayonet: M42
Prissmensucher: Yes
Shutter priority: no
Picture counter: Yes (on the winding lever, must be reset manually)
Flash: PC connection
The indication of the film sensitivity: in GOST and DIN (conversion table at the end of the page)
curtain: Horizontal, fabric

The Zenit-E was delivered with a leather case adapted to the shape of the camera.
To avoid fungus in the lenses, I recommend that you do not store the camera with the lens attached to the camera.
Since leather cases support the emergence of fungus.

Known problems of Zenit-E

Some known problems, besides problems with the fabric curtain, are especially problems in mechanics.
First and foremost possible damage to the shutter speed adjuster. Adjusting the shutter speed only takes effect after loading the shutter! Furthermore, the camera is known for splashing oil around in the housing sometimes. In the worst case, that can contaminate your film.

A Few Impressions

The Lens

Helios -44-2; 2/58

Thanks to the M42 mount a variety of lenses are available For the Zenit-E.
Probably the best known is the Helios 58mm f 1: 2.
Exact designation on the frame of the front lens “Helios -44-2; 2/58

This lens is best known for its popular “Swirly Bokeh” at open aperture.
The sharpness of the lens is quite good, but it decreases towards the edges.
With the help of an adapter, it can be used without problems at digital SLRs, of course, here is to be expected some losses in quality.

Zenit E Lens, Helios 44 -2




A small conversion table

With help of the table below, you can easily convert your GOST values into ASA (ISO) or DIN.

11 12 12
22 25 15
28 32 16
56 64 19
90 100 21
110 125 22
140 180 23
360 400 27
560 650 29
720 800 30
900 1000 31
1125 1250 32
2880 3200 36