The Minox 35 /GL

A great 35mm film camera in pocket format.

The Minox 35 series was a 35mm film camera produced by the company MINOX, from the year 1974 to the year 1995.

During this Period, the Minox 35 was the smallest 35mm film camera that could load 35mm standard film (24frames or 36 frames).
Depending on the Model, the Minox 35 comes with  different options and Model types.
here we will have a deeper look at the Minox 35GL which was produced in 1979.

Let´s go right in and have a look at this awesome camera.

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Tech. specs

  • 35mm film camera
  • ISO/ASA range 25-800
  • Internal light meter
  • 35mm f2.8 lens
  • Exposure time doubler
  • Battery tester
  • Hot shoe flash mount
  • Cable release connector
  • A tripod mount

The Lens.

Minox 35 Lens

As Mentioned, the Lens of the MINOX 35GL is a 35mm f2.8 Minotar lens.
It has a leaf shutter which is battery triggered. Even that the camera and the lens have really small form factors,
a lot of light is going through the lens. Means you can shoot an 400 ISO film until the early evening hours without any problems.

The lens has no Auto focus at all. You have to guess the distance and then dial it in at the front of the lens.
At the rear part of the lens, you can dial in your Aperture. The Camera will then decide for the correct exposure time.

The lens may look cheap and crappy but it creates images with stunning sharpness.
See for your self down in the gallery.

The 2X button

Minox 35, exposure 2x button

The “2X button” at the top of the Minox 35 is made to double your exposure time in complicated light situations.
Eg. You want to take a picture in a church, due to the fact that you shoot against the light, coming through the big church windows, the
camera will most likely set the exposure for the lights, so they will not be blown out.
The Problem with that is, that now the rest of the church would be to dark due to the short exposure time.
The Solution: Turning the small button at the top upwards, so it shows 2x.  The camera will now double the measured exposure time ( eg. from 1/250 to 1/125 s) and you will have more details in darker areas.

Setting the right ISO

Minox 35 ISO/ASA Dial

Setting the Right ISO is key, to gain correct exposures. Since the camera decides most things for itself.
At the bottom of the camera you can find a dial, that let´s you choose the right ISO settings.
I don’t think i need to further explain how that works. :-)

The Battery tester

Battery tester Minox 35

The battery tester is right above the “2X button”.

To use it makes the camera ready for shoot. Now push the battery test button. The Needle of the light meter should stay between 1/30s and 1/125s.
If it goes below that values, you should replace the battery of the Minox 35GL.

The battery

Minox 35 battery Minox 35 Battery adapter

Originally the Minox 35 is powered by a PX27 battery.

Due to the fact that these contained Mercury, the production of these batteries was stopped.
But the solution is very simple. Minox brought out an adapter in which u can load four button cells and create your own
PX27 replacement. So no need to avoid the camera just because of the battery thing.

Get the adapter here!  

Instruction manuals

Here you find the original instruction manuals for the Minox 35 series to download for free!

Download manuals!

Sample images

And here we go with some sample images taken with the Minox 35GL.

The used film was a Ilford HP5+   at box speed.